Meaning “support” in Sanskrit, Adhara is a spiritual + wellness destination supporting people in their journey toward feeling alive, being good and finding meaning in life.

If you desire a stronger connection to yourself, Adhara is here to support you in your personal journey. 

Wherever you find yourself on your journey, you can find the support you need when you need it at Adhara.

The Adhara Marketplace is the first online destination to bring together products and services from the most well known spiritual activists and wellness gurus to the newest teachers, coaches and indie product lines. 

Built for the modern spiritual seeker, Adhara Marketplace selections are curated, easily searchable and sharable for a uniquely accessible experience. 

Wellness and spirituality have come a long way – yoga is mainstream, meditation traveled west, ancient eastern health practices are integrating into western medicine and society is more self-aware. With the launch of the Marketplace, spiritual and wellness practices can reach even further. 

Launching Holidays 2015.

The Marketplace offers products and services across the following categories:


Adhara works with you to create customized and compelling offerings that help you achieve your expanding business objectives.

Through communications and aesthetics, Adhara highlights the best aspects of your offerings, while introducing you to  a new set of loyal customers and driving additional awareness to your brand.

Accepting Applications Fall 2015.  




In the sixth issue of Adhara on Words, we're exploring the notion of impermanence as it pertains to all aspects of life - the changes in our bodies, relationships, selves, nature, society, and more. We examine how we can use acceptance as a tool to work with our reality while leaning into the possibility of more


In the fifth issue of Adhara on Words, we're getting creative with creativity and exploring what it means to "be" creative. Since it looks different for each of us, we're using action as a tool to bring out our unique contributions that lay  which is within each of us and are waiting to emerge. 


In the fourth issue of Adhara on Words, we explore reality and the notion that each of us lives in a construct all our own, highly dependent on our perceptions of ourselves, our communities and our world. If we shift what governs our beliefs, thoughts and memories, we can find out how perception can be used as a tool to expand our realities beyond their current confines. 


The third issue of Adhara on Words delves into desire, a word that stirs up differing emotion depending on our states, our thoughts and our beliefs. We set out on an exploration of how to work with desire as a practice, using the all essential tool of presence as a guide and anchor.


The second issue journeys into the vast ocean of what it means to practice. Through the lens of international development, yoga, current events and grounded spiritual thought, we explore how our habitual rituals and routines can be transformed through purposeful intention and daily awareness. 


The inaugural issue sets out on an exploration of one of the most felt emotional experiences as human beings – fear - reframed into a question that can be answered through the multi-dimensional filter of truth and authenticity.