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Laura Rubin

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"Just you, your ideas, pen, and paper. Creativity unplugged."

 AllSwell is a passion project launched (by Laura Rubin) to encourage creativity in all its forms. It’s the brainchild of Laura Rubin, founder and creative director of the communications agency Left Left Right (LLR) Consulting.

While the world has become undeniably digital, research shows that putting pen to paper is linked to increased wellbeing, and basically a boosted brain. It is physiologically, emotionally and mentally beneficial. Born from a morning surf check with uninspiring results, Rubin decided to sit on the beach and journal instead. “Swell or no swell, all’s well.”

As an inveterate scribbler and journal-keeper, Rubin wanted to invite more people to reap its benefits. Take a moment to express yourself in an utterly private way. No “likes”, no judgments. ...Just you, your ideas, pen, and paper. Creativity unplugged

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