Angel Card Reading

Want a quick hit of intuitive guidance? This Angel Card Reading session is perfect for you!

You and Cassandra Bodzak will center in together with a brief meditation and energetic tune in to call in your higher selves, guides and angels to bring forth the highest guidance and truth for you.

You can choose from 30 or 60 minutes to ask whatever you feel called to or get intuitive general guidance using the cards.

Available in person in Los Angeles or via Skype or phone. 
Upon ordering, you'll be emailed a link to schedule your session within 24 hours of booking a link to schedule your reading.

Price $0.00

Price $0.00


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Cassandra Bodzak
Wellness Expert and Coach, Meditation Teacher and Author of Eat with Intention

"My work is all about helping people create a life that lights them up through utilizing the tools of food, meditation and self-care."

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