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Adhara is a spiritual + wellness destination supporting seekers on their journey to be good, finding meaning and feel alive.

As an ecommerce platform for the modern spiritual + wellness seeker, Adhara Marketplace carefully curates products and services from wellness leaders throughout all disciplines of the spiritual and wellness industry in one beautiful and easily accessible destination to support every aspect of living engaged and healthy lives.


Adhara supports spiritual + wellness seekers by curating the best industry offerings to fuel their practice and inspire them to continuously discover new paths and products through exposure to the leaders behind the brands.

Customized presence to feature your brand and offerings
Unique Offerings Pages for each product or service featured, with designated space for consumer reviews, delivery specifications and more
Dynamic homepage spotlights for selected vendor partners and offerings, with direct link outs to shop more, featured content from Adhara’s e-magazine Adhara On Words and the latest curated lookbook merchandised with offerings from across all categories
Consumer reviews for each product or service, to support site visitors’ purchase decisions and help to increase vendor partners’ search engine rankings 
Thematic lookbooks to expose site visitors to new brands, new items and new ideas


Everyone needs support on their spiritual + wellness paths, and our wellness leaders are no exception. Adhara supports our vendor partners, so they can best support their seekers and together we can grow the community.

Elevated brand profile through our various initiatives to bring spirituality + wellness to the masses including our monthly e-magazine, local events, curated pop-up shops and charitable ventures
Personal partnership by working closely with our vendor partners to highlight the best of their offerings and coordinating a seamless back-end from set-up to maintenance
Broadened audience through ourcarefully curated offering selection and marketing efforts, vendor partner offerings have the opportunity to be highlighted in our weekly email, ongoing social media campaigns, homepage feature sections and themed lookbook
Industry solidification through our mission to support the brands, businesses and voices that move this industry forward by bringing their offerings and inspiring content to anyone who seeks it


An Adhara partnership is no cost for vendor partners to join, and since our success is your success, Adhara only makes a marketing fee on sales we source. Our partnership supports partners’ already thriving businesses by offering a low maintenance source of income with higher profit margins than traditional wholesale splits and affiliate commissions.

The seamless Adhara Marketplace user experience extends through our vendor partner relationships. We’re focused on keeping interactions meaningful and simple, so vendor partners can stay focused on supporting seekers through their spiritual + wellness journeys.

Vendor partnership set-up is four simple steps:

Custom vendor agreement outlines the offerings to be featured on Adhara
Asset collection through a protected online Vendor Portal for Adhara to develop partners’ customized presence utilizing the already created copy and visuals submitted
Confirmation of sale through the Adhara platform and fulfillment through partners’ current delivery methods
Seamless payment directly within 15 days of order fulfillment, wired directly to the bank account provided


How do you select the wellness leaders and brands you partner with?

Our vetting process was established to ensure our site visitors can come to expect a high level of quality and service from any wellness leader or offering featured on Adhara, which includes:

  • Leadership and credibility within the wellness leader’s segment of the industry through awards, recognitions, industry participation, and press coverage
  • Uniqueness of offerings and what sets wellness leaders’ approach and perspective apart
  • Professionalism, including credentials, training, education, apprenticeship and presentation
  • Impeccable level of service learned through word-of-mouth, reviews and/or direct experience

If I participate, can I still advertise on other sites or have other means of generating visibility (i.e. affiliate programs)

Yes! Adhara’s mission is to help bring greater awareness and visibility to your offerings and the ability for all seekers to have easy access to them, so you are welcome to achieve that in any way you chose.

I have a lot of digital content that I could offer. Can it be hosted on Adhara?

Yes! Seekers can purchase and download digital content, all directly from the Adhara platform. This offers you a very efficient way to leverage your existing digital content and passively generate sales from it!

I have a lot of different types of offerings, including private sessions, live events and digital workshops. Can they all be featured on Adhara?

Absolutely, there’s a need an interest for all types of offerings! We welcome showcasing a range of your content, to ensure your offerings meet the needs of seekers from beginners to those years into their practices, and allow for maximum cross-promotion within the platform.

How much does it cost to be featured on Adhara?

There is no upfront cost to our vendor partners to be featured within the Marketplace, or within On Words (our monthly e-magazine). Instead, we charge a marketing fee on all sales that are generated through the platform. The fee assessed supports Adhara’s ability to maintain the platform and our efforts to reach new audiences of consumers in order to bring you incremental sales. Our partnership supports your already thriving business through a low maintenance source of income with higher profit margins than traditional wholesale splits and affiliate commissions.

I don’t have great/any photos or messaging/copy about my brand/offerings. Can Adhara help?

Of course! Through the online Vendor Portal, you can submit whatever existing images and copy you currently have about you, your brand and the offerings we’ll be featuring and our partnership team will work collaboratively with you to craft all copy and imagery to meet Adhara’s standards as well as best represent your brand.

We look forward to partnering with you to bring your offerings to an ever expanding community of spiritual + wellness seekers.

If you are interested in joining the Adhara family, please submit the form below and we’ll be in touch.