Laura Holland

BeU by Laura Holland

Nutritionist, Holistic Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach

"We are what we eat, but we are what we think. How we feel about food and our body is incredibly powerful for our physical body and our life."

BeU was created to remind you that you are light, and it’s time U finally felt it! Our society teaches us to think that beauty and light is something that we somehow have to get, forgetting that they are both what we already are. 

BeU is all about eating, feeling and living in a way that restores your natural balance. When you're balanced your true nature is illuminated naturally. 

When we feel internal love as a way to find our light, we use food as medicine and our thoughts as a cure to create a healthy relationship with our body. Finding peace in our skin through eating and feeling your way into balance using BeU’s inspired approach to weight loss to create your most BeUtiful body, mind and Soul.

Founder, Laura Holland, is a former economist turned nutritionist with a personal journey in making peace with food and her body. She is passionate about helping women to see their beauty and feel light. Her book, 'BeLIGHT: Holistic Weight Loss for Ur most BeUtiful Body' will be published in late 2016, with a mission to help women around the world see their beauty and find their light. 

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