Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley

Transformational Coach, Speaker & Author

"I see the inspirational woman inside of you. The woman that wakes up everyday desiring to be better than she was the day before. The woman who has the courage to write her own story, than living by the circumstances you’ve been handed."


Bri Seeley is a multi-talented and passionate entrepreneur, coach, writer and speaker, whose mission is to inspire women to connect with their unique passion for life and to live on purpose as an inspirational woman every day.

Her career as an entrepreneur began when she launched a women’s fashion line to inspire women to BE women. Despite numerous accolades, awards, and honors, fashion stopped filling her heart with the passion it was born upon. That’s when she chose to pivot the direction of her life and The Inspirational Woman Project was created. 

Bri supports women to identify what it means to be an Inspirational Woman in the world, and what it would be like to embody her NOW. Women connect with her writing and coaching thorough her direct, raw, and vulnerable approach to life. She shares her perspective and experiences with the purpose of inspiring women to live life on their terms. Her conviction to infuse life with truth, passion, and focus inspires the women she works with to feel confident in their decisions and embrace their power to create and embody their remarkable futures now.

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