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Core Chakra is a practice that engages the body, mind and spirit. Using tools from both Pilates and yoga, this practice helps you become more awake & aware, both on and off the mat. 

The 70-minute Chakra Powerhouse Session begins with a powerful chakra meditation followed by 50 minutes of asana and pilates exercises. Whether you are dealing with stress, depression or something as simple as you have not yet realized your magnificence—this session is for you! Core Chakra will leave you feeling more balanced, awake and alive.

In private sessions, Dani will give you a personal evaluation and design a customized program to heal your chakras. Tools such as exercise, meditation, journaling and rituals will be explored. 

The Body
This method realigns the body. Dani is known for her detailed physical cues with a strong emphasis on the core. Innovative exercises will be given to help students access the right muscles to use during asana (yoga poses). The object of this method is not to leave you feeling beat up, but to leave you feeling stronger, more aware and confident in your body.

The Mind
Each one of the pilates principles is a centering thought to guide our practice. During your session, you will focus on the pilates principle that coincides with the chakra you are working on. This will stimulate your mind and enhance the moving meditation experience.

The Spirit
This is the Core of it all! Your energetic body (the chakras) is your spiritual body. Meditation, mantras, mudras and rituals will help you to truly access your spirit during your session.

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Danielle Havasy
Danielle Havasy
Chakra-Based Pilates and Yoga Method

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