Robin DeMarco

Coached by Robin

Robin DeMarco

Lifestyle & Business Coach and Consultant

"My goal for each session is that clients walk-away feeling more balanced, energized, motivated and engaged."

Lifestyle and Business Coach, Robin DeMarco, founded her company Coached by Robin to support professionals in designing and implementing key strategies that will maximize one’s personal life, and achieve success in their career. Robin helps you identify and bridge the gap between where you are in life and where you want to be. She will provide the necessary tools, structures and strategies to help you tap into your own resources and reach your desired goals.

Coached by Robin’s overall mission is to support clients in being the best version of themselves. Robin's unwavering support and guidance helps each and every client enjoy more success and less stress in their busy lives. Robin’s coaching services are sought after by high-profile brands such as Women’s Health, Glamour, and Birchbox. She has helped clients from Fortune 500 companies to fearless young start-ups move the needle of success forward.

Prior to receiving her certification in coaching with iPEC*, Robin DeMarco led a successful professional career as the Executive Luxury Director for Condé Nast at WIRED. She quickly moved from Rookie of the Year to Sales Person of the Year, and was extensively recognized for her dedication.

With success often comes a tremendous amount of stress and having found herself overwhelmed and lacking balance in her own life, she sought out coaching and realized how others, like herself, could positively benefit from it.

Robin is regularly interviewed on Fox 5 News and has contributed her expertise from goal setting to time management for national brands such as Glamour, Style Bistro, Skilled Up, Birchbox, and College Fashionista. She recently participated in a National Media Tour with Women’s Health Magazine offering key tips for a healthier lifestyle.

Robin received her training and CPC/ELI-MP through iPEC which is an ICF approved accredited Coaching Program with over 350 hours of course related work and hands-on training. She has also acquired additional training through the Harvard Medical School of Continuing Education and the Tony Robbins Institute.

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