Meaning "support" in Sanskrit, Adhara
offers spiritual + wellness support to
be good, find meaning and feel alive

Adhara is a spiritual + wellness destination supporting people in their journey to be good, find meaning and feel alive.

Meaning 'support' in Sanskrit, Adhara unites products and services from wellness leaders throughout all disciplines of the spiritual and wellness industry in one beautiful and easily accessible destination to give you the support you need when you need it, no matter where you find yourself on your journey.

We carefully curate our offerings with the modern seeker in mind to enable discovery of the newest and most ancient teachings, practices, modalities, tools and products within the spiritual and wellness industry to expand and deepen your personal practice and the consciousness with which you live your life.


It is our soul’s highest purpose, the goal we’re all here to pursue – to achieve self actualization. 

It may sound lofty to some. To us, it’s the catalyst that drives the vision and purpose of Adhara. We feel the massive shift our world is experiencing in pursuit of something better, a higher purpose, a spiritual connection, and feeling better in mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of it. 

BE GOOD | one’s being-ness 
ow we carry ourselves in our intention to leave a positive imprint on the world

FIND MEANING | one’s doing-ness 
he actions we take on our path to discover what lights us up from within

FEEL ALIVE | one’s knowing-nes
he effect we feel internally for the appreciation and awareness of our place in the world