Danielle Havasy

Core Chakra

Danielle Havasy

Chakra-Based Pilates and Yoga Method

“My purpose and passion is to teach and pass on the tools that have created lasting transformation in my life."

Core Chakra is a practice which uses the pilates principles to focus your mind, movement exercises to charge your body and the spiritual practice of yoga to awaken your spirit. The physical practice of yoga and pilates have a tremendous amount in common. Their differences complement each other and when merged, create a very whole experience. 

Merging pilates and yoga is nothing new, but using the pilates principles and exercises with the spiritual practice of yoga to heal the chakras is a whole new concept that can shift one’s life. Dani has spent years creating Core Chakra into a practice that integrates all tools to create lasting transformation.

Dani Havasy is a gifted Pilates and yoga teacher and the creator of Core Chakra. Her passion for yoga and Pilates is rooted in a fondness for physical exercise and a deep personal attachment to spiritual exploration. Beyond holding certifications in both disciplines (including pre-natal yoga), Dani has completed a variety of fitness certifications and has been featured in Women's Health magazine, Jane and The Richest.

She created Core Chakra because she saw a need for people to heal their chakras. The chakras are centers of energy in our bodies that become blocked overtime from everyday life stress. When this happens you may experience emotional and physical problems because the energy in your body does not have a clear path to move and it becomes stuck and deficient. Dani knew from teaching and personal experience, that the chakras could be realigned through a delicate blend of yoga and pilates. 

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