Renee Phillips

Renee Phillips

Mixed Media Artist

"I am most interested in exploring the unseen, but felt, connection to our natural world, and attempt to create artwork that unlock the subconscious of its restraints and question perceptions of what is real."


Artist, Renee Phillips, creates artwork dedicated to reconnecting you with the magical and wondrous science experiment called life. Through signature alchemical techniques manipulating paint and materials with the natural elements of wind, water and fire, her energetic yet seductive surfaces explore the unseen but felt connection to our natural world, as she "observes life cycles in both natural and urban environments – growth, decay, evolution, rebirth – and translate these changing rhythms onto canvas.” 

Growing up on the beaches of South Florida and in the mountains of Colorado, Renee became enamored by the natural world at a very young age. Exploring life's natural cycles at various stages, and in various forms, births inspiration for her mixed media work. 

Renee has presented her work in numerous group and solo shows from the Dacia Gallery, NYC to the Arts & Cultural Center of South Florida. Renee Phillips earned her BFA from the University of Miami, FL, and continued her art education at the University of Paris, France and School of Visual Arts, NYC. Her art studio is located in Chelsea, New York City. 

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