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"Based on the holistic traditions of Ayurveda, our luxury organic oils are handcrafted blends of healing herbs, roots and wild-harvested botanicals to feel deeply nourished and support."

Folk Ayurveda is an artisanal line of luxury self-care products, handcrafted in small batches and based on the holistic traditions of Ayurveda. Each apothecary is formulated by a slow 108-hour infusion and also a 40-day botanical soak. All created with the finest certified organic oils, herbs, roots and wild-harvested flowers to help deeply nourish your beauty and fuel a radiant life.

The word folk is often associated with a kind of old-school medicine, art or culture that's different from the mainstream. Folk Ayurveda brings together the spirit of these elements through earthy soul remedies and trough cultivating community. We are dedicated to the yoga lifestyle, boho beauty routines, and exploring whats modern, rural, and natural healing.

Founder, Leila Johnson, grew up in the Canadian wilds every summer with no electricity or running water; no roads or telephones - just the pure life of garden herbs, lake baths and the flow of a cottage lifestyle. Folk blossomed from this familiar love of nature+nurture and from her daily quest to connect to earthy remedies, no matter where she's living. 

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