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Lindsay Lopez

108 East 16th Street | New York City

Pilates at FORM is a unique Pilates experience in New York City, combining shared fitness space and coaching for fitness professionals, while offering authentic Pilates to clients for improved posture, a flexible spine and body, and a pain free life

Pilates can help you optimize your body’s potential. At FORM Pilates, clients get the support to be their best selves though the benefits of an authentic Pilates workout - improved posture, a flexible spine and living life pain-free. Each workout is tailored to the needs and bodies of the client, who put the knowledge into practice in a relaxing, light-hearted and pressure-free environment. With over thirty years of teaching experience and eight certifications, FORM will give you the best body to live a magnificent life. 

After retirement from a dancer’s life on the stage and an actress’ life on the small screen, Lindsay Lopez found relief for her chronic back pain in the practice of Pilates. Following intense study and certifications, Lindsay moved from Los Angeles to New York and soon after FORM Pilates Union Square was founded.

Through the practice of Pilates, Lindsay has found pain-relief, body acceptance and a love of living a life of wellness. She passionately follows her bliss in life, fitness and food. She shares those passions with other fitness and wellness entrepreneurs through her coaching to empower them to do the same by following their heart to build a business and a life they love. 

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