Bee Ham


Organic and Wild-Sourced Skincare

"H for Love unites the purity of nature with the very human need for self-care, using the power of nature to foster health and nurture beauty."

H IS FOR LOVE represents a way of life to pare down and simplify. It is about freedom, true beauty, and quality over compromise. 

H is about sharing nature’s most wonderful gifts. Each ingredient is pure, every product made by hand, either to order or in very small batches to ensure peak quality. Cruelty-free and almost entirely organic and wild-sourced, only natural preservation methods are employed.  Designed with purpose and care, each element has already withstood the ultimate test: time.

Whether this is familiar territory or your first step in the process of moving toward a more natural lifestyle, our hope is that you will experience the rich liberation that comes from using nature’s vast and sufficient resources; from what you use to fuel and recharge your body to how you care for and protect it.

After discovering that whole and clean foods were where health and beauty begin, H IS FOR LOVE creator Bee Ham started looking for ways to nurture from the outside in. Taking a cue from ancient cultures wherein toxins and chemicals were unknown, she began formulating a natural, organic and sustainably-harvested skin and body care line using intoxicating blends of oils from around the world.

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