Natalia Pascual

Nala Malas

Natalia Pascual

Sacred adornment jewelry brand

"The aspect of a handmade item has a lot of value to me. Knowing it was carefully crafted with intention is something I deeply appreciate."


Nala Malas is a luxury brand specializing in mala beads and sacred adornments created by Brazilian artist, Natalia Pascual. With a background in fashion including Harper’s Bazaar, jewelry making in Brazil, and a NYC yoga teacher certification in hand; it was only natural for Natalia Pascual to create handcrafted malas that marry spirituality, fashion, arts, and beauty. Natalia handpicks the highest quality materials and creates them with great love and conscious intention in New York City. 

Each mala is handmade with love, care and intention. Natalia knots each bead individually which represents each step we take in life, eventually leading to our truth. They only use high grade/quality semi and precious stones, as well as, materials to make each mala special, unique and to be treasured as a sacred piece of jewelry. Every single piece is infused with healing and powerful mantras absorbed by stones.

The Nala Malas woman is authentic, spiritually connected, bold and expresses herself through the way she carries herself into the world. These malas are made for meditation or lifestyle; either way you choose to use them these malas carry a potent energy to protect and guide you on your journey.


A mala is a set of beads strung together, commonly used by Hindus and Buddhists. Generally, they are mostly found with 108 beads or sets of 9, evoking powerful ancient significance within those numbers.

Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating mantras, prayers or the name of a Hindu or Buddhist God. Mala beads are great to ease your way into meditation. They bring focus and discipline. This practice is called Japa (repetition).


  1. Take a comfortable crossed legged position, sit on a cushion or blankets
  2. Take a deep inhale through your nose and exhale out your mouth. Repeat this 3 times
  3. Start with the first bead. Usually malas have a guru bead which is the bead that indicates where the mala ends and begins. Do not use that bead to count, the first bead will be the bead after to the guru bead. Use thumb and middle finger to count
  4. Pick a mantra. It could be as easy as Om Shanti or I Am Peace. For each bead repeat the mantra until you reach the end of the mala cycle
  5. Always sit for a few minutes after you are finished. Notice your breath and if it has changed the way you feel. Just observe
  6. Bring hands into prayer and bow your heart giving thanks for your efforts and to the light within