Nicole Granato

Nicole Granato

Women's Health Specialist

"Health is a relationship between you and your body. Its time we start preventing disease and treating it from the root. Lets stop masking issues and start solving them."

Nicole Granato is a certified Health and Wellness Coach with a passion for helping people enhance their overall quality of life. While leading a health lifestyle is important, there is so much more to it than just diet. Health and wellness is about living with vitality and feeling full of life! Nicole firmly believes that looking great is just the perks of health. Feeling great, on the other hand, physically, emotionally and mentally is a world of a difference that everyone deserves to experience. 

Nicole was diagnosed with PCOS after going for a general check up with a fertility doctor. While she was recommended to get on medication and birth control as the first part of her therapy Nicole decided she wanted to go a more holistic route to healing her body by changing her diet, lifestyle and exercise routine while also implementing supplements and herbs into her everyday diet. Nicole started seeing a dramatic difference in her body, energy and mood. After only four short month Nicole has cleared her PCOS and guess what? She did it naturally. 

Living a healthy balanced life is vital and Nicole is dedicated to helping her clients create that perfect balance in their daily life, which suites them. Each person is different and needs individualized care. That is why Nicole believes in bio-individuality. She understands what might work for one person may not work for another. She has a vast knowledge in varying dietary theories and a certification in fitness. She embraces each person's unique differences to help them reach their personal goals.

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