Olivia Clementine Kirby

Olivia Clementine

Handmade herbal offerings

"I am focused on supporting the root of what she believes to be the cause of much of the destruction in our world today: our inner-scape and the desire for genuine connection."

Olivia Clementine Kirby is a farmer, herbalist and teacher. Her work is rooted in her commitment to inner and outer landscapes. A celebration of the wisdom offered through the natural world, the wisdom held in each being and the power that emerges when these worlds flow into each other. Like the shifting seasons, her work springs from the intention of living from openness to our continual unfolding.

Through her line of handmade herbal offerings, consultations, ceremonies and retreats, she supports beings uncover their innate brilliance, reprogram their desired realities and recognize their divine potential in everyday life. She lives and works on a farm along the Hudson River in Staatsburg, New York.

Offerings by Olivia Clementine

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