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Did you know that You are your own best Angel Reader? It is our Divine Birthright to access our intuition and communicate with Angels to receive unconditional love, guidance, clarity, support, and healing. In this 60-minute guided journey, you will connect with your Angels through the power of breathwork. Madeline will start by invoking the angels, intention setting and acknowledging how you are feeling. Breathwork is a fast and effective tool for clearing stuck energy in the body so you can more easily hear, feel, see, and experience your Angels' guidance. 

Abundance Angels are a group of high energy Angels who help you replace limiting beliefs + behaviors with the experiential knowingness that You Are Powerful - and most limitations you experience are a result of your perception. Abundance isn't about money (though it can be), because we are all familiar with wealthy people who are not happy. Abundance is about playing with Spiritual energy to experience heaven on earth. If your life has felt stagnant, mundane, all work/no play - or you feel like there's never enough, call on the Abundance Angels!

Through this session, Madeline will lead you through a process to connect with the Abundance Angels and receive direct guidance. The session includes:

  • Discussion of your primary intentions - what you are most yearning for in your life right now
  • Energy reading and sharing of angel messages coming through
  • Breathwork to clear stagnant energy, amplify intuition and connect with the Abundance Angels
  • Guided personalized meditation with specially curated playlists 

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Every angelic breath healing experience is different. One class you may have immense intuitive awakening, with angel visions and direct guidance on your next steps, while another you may deeply rest and barely remember anything that happened. Whatever you most need will arise. Your Higher Self (the unconditionally loving, all-powerful, immensely creative You) is in charge of what comes forward for you.

That said: calling in the Angels and setting a clear intention helps, and that’s why before every class we do just that. If you are taking the class virtually, then I recommend listening to the guided meditation before and setting an intention in the comfort of your own space.


Oftentimes angelic answers to life’s questions become crystal clear and you are able to make the choices most aligned with your true path.

This may be subtle or tangible feelings of light and peace around you.

The breath has a tendency to find its way into the darkest spaces inside of ourselves, bringing light and healing to it. Not going to lie: this can be an intense practice. Breathwork shakes stuff up. Our intention with Angelic Breath Healing is to gracefully release the parts that no longer serve us with the help of the Angels. The Angels are incredibly gentle and loving – but they are not spiritual bypassers. They encourage us to breathe into the spaces that we have hidden inside of ourselves, so that it can be released and more light can shine through. That said: one session can feel like ten years of therapy. That’s a lot of release; so it’s important to listen to yourself, know that you are safe, yet receive further assistance along the way as needed.

After some sessions, you may feel like all the pieces inside yourself gets reorganized, and that may take a little time to integrate. It’s not always comfortable and sometimes is achy. I encourage people to breathe into the discomfort, to breathe into those spaces where it hurts, physically and emotionally, and it could be intense in the process.

By far the most common thing I hear from people after Angelic Breath Healing is, “That was the most beautiful, powerful experience of my life. I saw colors, I saw the most beautiful place, I felt so held and deeply loved. I experienced heaven!” The breath raises your vibration to a level where it’s much easier to consciously experience the subtle realms of heaven inside ourselves. That said: what you most need, you receive. Release expectations.


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Delivery & Refunds

Delivery & Refunds

Session delivered via Skype.

Madeline will honor refund request dependent upon situation.

Madeline Giles
Madeline Giles
Spiritual Psychologist, Certified Breathwork Healer, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

"When we align with something bigger than ourselves, the universe responds to us. All it takes is our participation. And our trust."

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