Tanya Boulton & Anna Chung


Urban Yoga Lifewear

"We support passion seekers and dream makers­–those who continuously evolve, find purpose, and inspire every day."

tanya-b is focused on building a connection with the yoga community. The founders, Tanya Boulton and Anna Chung, came together on the yoga mat in late 2012 and shared each other’s life paths. They launched tanya-b New York in 2014, to create a grassroots, accessible yoga brand, with a look and feel that is feminine, urban, and fit the way they live. 

Tanya and Anna are New York City yoga teachers, who have a deep-rooted passion in bringing authenticity to the brand - by teaching yoga, supporting their yoga ambassadors with their dreams, and giving back, they seek to make the transformative practice of yoga accessible to as many people as they can.

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