Lara Riggio

Lara Riggio

Energy Healer

"Helping you feel your best is my number one goal. We'll fuse eastern healing modalities and western science to help heal the whole you and get you in touch with your life and body."

Lara Ann Riggio is an expert in Eastern healing techniques and owner of The Lara Touch studio in NYC. Lara brings valuable insight, expertise, and energy to her presentations. She takes great pleasure in helping her clients overcome the physical and emotional barriers keeping them from having the life and body they want. In The Lara Touch classes, videos and private sessions, she has helped thousands of clients overcome physical aches and pains, emotional stress and anxiety, insomnia and symptoms from chemotherapy and other medications.

Her method, The Lara Touch, is a revolutionary exercise-based solution for stress management, insomnia, fatigue, PTSD, muscular and joint pain, and more! You can experience an instant energy boost and immediate stress relieft to begin to free your mind as you energize your whole being. 

The Method finds and addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms by looking at the total you to pinpoint the source of the problem, the physical weakness or the reactive stress response, which is causing your symptoms. You are given exercises to strengthen your body where it is weak, or to calm your response to stressful situations helping you adapt to, and overcome your mechanical, chemical or emotional stress over time.

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