Margaret Nichols

Margaret Nichols

Recognized leader & trainer in the Oneness Movement

"I want to provide a very real understanding that we cannot seek happiness; it is a natural byproduct of being authentic within our own lives."


Margaret Nichols is internationally recognized as the Oneness Maven of New York City. Having been involved since 2006, she trained with monks in India and Fiji and now teaches in New York and as well as mentoring other trainers internationally. The goal of “Oneness” is to “help set humanity free.” Her NYC-based company Urban Oneness translates Ancient teachings and spiritual technologies for our modern life via in person and online programs and workshops.

She is the creator of the robust digital online awakening program bliss. here. now. her in person, NYC, all women’s course, the Mystic Mastermind + the online 21 Days of Awakening Meditation. She has had the longest running weekly Deeksha/Oneness Blessing circle in Manhattan since 2006. Exotic international retreats are her happy place.

In addition to her vast Oneness family, and the ongoing Ultimate grace of Sri AmmaBhagavan, in 2006 she lived in India while studying with the late contemporary yogi master Sri K Pattabhi Jois, and has a continued Ashtanga practice with master teacher Eddie Stern and his awesome crew of teachers in New York. She is one of a select group of people chosen by the Oneness University in India to bring groups to the Source and is blessed to be an advanced teacher, in daily contact with monks there. 

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